ZOOM International: Digital Marketing


ZOOM International is a market leader in workforce optimization software. The company has received world-class customer satisfaction honors and an 88 Net Promoter Score from analysts, 1700+ customers, and 350+ partners across 90+ countries.

I have been working as the ZOOM “UX team of one” for their marketing department, helping them update various parts of their site, with the primary goal of increasing their customer engagement through providing product demos.

Home Page Redesign

In order to promote product demos, I worked with ZOOM International marketing to refocus the home page around a strong brand message of “The Art and Science of the Contact Center™.” software, and provide quick choices to either learn more about the product offerings or register for the product demo.

Additionally, I re-architected the site “hat” at the top of each page to include a strong “Get Demo” option that would be included on every page. This call to action would softly strobe to attract visitor attention.

Demo Design

As a part of a complete rethinking of their product demo process, I worked with ZOOM International to develop a sample customer page that could be used to show off how their product could track user interactions across a variety of communication channels. Known in the industry as “Omnichannel,” this demo page allows potential customers to submit emails, text messages, phone calls, and video chats and then see how all of those are processed by ZOOM to help train and optimize the efforts of call center employees.

Blog Design

To get their message out, ZOOM uses a blog to publish new product releases, important company news, and other vital industry information. Their previous blog did not fit their current brand strategy, so I worked with them to redesign the blog, finding important features that we could add to help promote their message.

Jobs At ZOOM Design

To help attract and retain the best employees in the software industry, ZOOM understood the importance of creating an easy to use and informative job posting site. Building off of the Hubspot Blog product the client had selected, I was able to create a clean and intuitive job site, that could be maintained by the individual hiring manager, while still painting a consistent brand message.